India, so they say, lives in many times at the same time – and so do Indian women. The documentary is about the daily struggles and challenges, thoughts, hopes, and dreams of Indian women. The stark contrasts between traditions and modernity, religion and digitisation, urban and rural environments, men and women, have made India what it is today: a country developing at a breathtaking pace, with an immense cultural superstructure affecting everyone’s life.

While in the Western world a rather pessimistic view on the situation of women in India prevails, the director tries to paint a more nuanced picture.

In over 15 interviews, he lets the women of the subcontinent have their say:

What is it like to be a woman in India today? How is their life compared to that of their mothers and grandmothers? Is there such a thing as ‘the one India’? In conversations with different NGOs, audiences also learn how organisations try to help women in need.