Caught in a maze of unspoken memories, young Anand Sehgal sets out on a journey to salvage the truth, jammed inside an 8mm camera.

Young Anand Sehgal returns home to India after his graduation ceremony in the USA. A bit lost and unsure of his environment, he receives a loving welcome gift from his grandmother, a box of precious knick-knacks from his childhood.

Anand finds a rush of memories tumbling in his mind. Things that enable him to reconnect with his past, foggy from the temporal and geographical distance. In a clutter of memorabilia, he discovers an 8mm film camera, lying unused since his parents’ death.

With the possibility of discovering footage in the jammed camera, he goes on a hunt to find someone who can salvage the film. The hunt comes to fruition when he reaches a century-old studio located in the heritage precincts of old British Bombay, now Mumbai. However, the octogenarian studio owner and Anand have something in common.