All her life, Meera has been told: Be honest, and good things will happen to you. But now that she is a grown and attractive woman, her mother all of a sudden wants her to lie and cheat – so as to perfectly meet a marriage candidate’s expectations and thus get her married quickly. Although she would do anything for her family, Meera won’t allow her family to change her. She doesn’t give up her hope to find Mr Right who will love her as she is: courageous, strong, beautiful, and always ready to help.

Episode 1:

Meera dislikes the Soni Kudi Academy, a school teaching women how to be the perfect wife. But then she has to deliver a cake to the school. Things don’t go as planned and Meera comes home much too late. Her whole family is already waiting for her: Meera is up for the final rehearsal of her meeting with the latest marriage candidate. But Meera fails miserably. Annoyed, she tells her family that she does not want to pretend and lie to get a man to propose. Particularly her mother feels hurt by Meera’s conduct.

Episode 2:

Although Meera is grounded, she sneaks away from home to practice her favourite sports, kabaddi. But her team mates have bad news for her: The team will probably have to be dissolved because some of the girls have to focus on their upcoming wedding. Meera will not accept this and decides to fight for the team’s continued existence.