For six years, King Rana Indravadhan has bravely fought in World War II with the Brits. When he comes home in 1945, his mother and the lady of the palace Queen Rajmata hopes that his return will bring the palace back to life. Beautiful Gayatri is also glad about the King’s return, and soon Rana succumbs to her charms. But if Gayatri wants to live happily at his side, she has to conquer the hearts of the King’s people, too. She realises that life as a queen is not a non-stop fairy tale.

Episode 1:

King Rana Indravadhan comes home after six years at war. He had fought with the Brits for the liberation of Europe. Everyone in his kingdom is looking forward to his return. This is particularly true for pretty Gayathri who is attracted by the King. His mother Rajmata is also impatiently awaiting his return. But when the royal convoy approaches the palace, the King’s vehicle explodes and goes up in flames. Will the kingdom’s hopes go up in smoke as well?

Episode 2:

When Gayatri steps out on the balcony to watch the parade, a misfortune happens to her: Overjoyed to see the King, she accidentally knocks down a flower pot. When this lands directly in front of the draught horses, panic ensues. However, the King manages to control the horses. Looking for the culprit, soldiers want to search Gayatri’s home. But the young woman stands in their way. She doesn’t realise that the King, unrecognised, is watching the spectacle and can hear her objections, too.