In the heartland of Tamil Nadu, in a small village away from the noises of the changing world, life remains unchanged. Kanan and his family, like many others in villages across Tamil Nadu, strive to uphold the traditions that have been handed down for generations, in the face of political and societal change.

Dharma is raised and nurtured as a part of the family, as many bulls are that are bred with the singular purpose of competing in Jallikattu. This sport that has been practised for millenia tests the bravery of men in the face of imminent danger. It has been criticised for its inherent cruelty towards animals and the debates that ensued since have become deeply politicised and hence have polarised people across the country.

To Kanan and his family, Jallikattu is a sport and a tradition that defines who they are. Dharma is their pride and joy. This film explores the psyche of Kanan and his relationship with Dharma, untouched by the perspectives of what they feel is an ever-changing outside world riddled with conflicting moralities.