Mehek loves to cook – and her family loves Mehek for her cheerfulness and honesty. But cooking is more than just a passion for the young woman: it connects her with her late mother like nothing else does. She firmly believes that good food and a sunny disposition make life worth living. When Mehek meets rich yet rude Shaurya at a cooking competition, they fight like cat and dog. But the heart wants what it wants: Over time, their clashes turn into infatuated and playful banter and finally result in a romantic relationship.

Episode 1:

Mehek does everything for her family – she even cooks for them at the crack of dawn. All she wants in return is to see an appreciating smile on the lips of her Aunt Karla. However, when Mehek meets sleazy marriage candidate Ajay, her dislike for him is blatantly obvious. She talks to him only for her family’s sake. But will she also fulfil her family’s wish and take Ajay into serious consideration as her future husband?

Episode 2:

Ajay has only agreed to meet Mehek to advance his career. But when Mehek reveals that she does not have the contacts he had hoped for, Ajay quickly loses all interest in her. Mehek’s family is disappointed and worries about her future. But when the young woman cooks and serves them a treat, their frustration soon evaporates. Mehek then finds an interesting profile online – but who is this Bitter Melon King?